Scientific innovation is not new to Black folks. Black genius is behind the Automatic Gear Shift, the Three-Traffic Light, Blood Banks, Gas Masks, Refrigerated Trucks, GPS, Home Security, 3D movies, COVID vaccinations and so much more. We’ve always had what it takes, but sometimes we need friendly reminders, and perhaps more importantly, opportunity and exposure, to excel. 

Last Sunday was National STEM Day (science, technology, engineering, math), which somehow just reminded me that Silicon Valley is still quite male and quite white. Sure, we could benefit from more inclusion, but we could also be the center of our own technological universes, if more of us had these skillsets. When it comes to STEM, that “knowledge is power” cliché couldn’t be more true today. Technology has catapulted our lives into places we couldn’t imagine, even 5 years ago. It’s going nowhere. The question is what role will we be playing in the years to come? We need a solid stake in that future and our kids are the future. 

Obviously, everyone doesn’t have to be a scientist or engineer, but we won’t know who our future STEM geniuses are if we don’t expose our kids to these fields, early on. One of the easiest ways to do this is through discovery, through play. Below are a few gift ideas for the kiddos. Our children can change the world in a million ways, let’s give them some STEM tools to unlock their scientific genius.


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