Your Best Advice On How to Look and Feel Your Sexiest

You’re sexy and you know it — that’s why we asked you to reveal your tricks for feeling your sexiest, any time, any place. Read our favorite tips!

Charli Penn Nov, 12, 2012

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“Being your sexiest is knowing who you are, where you are and that you can make someone crave you!” – Pamela

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“Toting my small children around, doing mommy things, but still looking hot!” -- Stacey

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“A nice, curve-hugging pair of jeans makes me feel my absolute sexiest!” – Anna

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“Having my bills paid and money in the bank.” – Keston Duke

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“A cute little black dress and a pair of sexy heels always works.” – Sherrill

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“Having my locks washed, freshly twisted and blowing in the wind makes me feel sexiest!” – Nicole

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“I gained 100 pounds during pregnancy then gave natural birth to a 10-pound boy. Losing the 100 pounds within a year not only made me feel sexy but powerful as ever!” – Ty

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“When I wear my ruby red lipstick and smoky eyes!” -- Shante

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“Being fit! I recently lost 18lbs with diet and exercise. At 44 years old, I feel sexier than ever.”

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“Lace undies!” – Deborah

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“To me sexy has nothing to do with an outfit, hair or nails. It's how I carry myself, the type of person I am, and my faith in God.” – Bridgette

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“When the bush on my face (my eyebrows!) get shaped up, cleaned up and arched up, it totally transforms my face and really brings out my makeup, outfit and overall confidence. Results: I feel SEXY!” – Fab

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"When I wear a blouse or sweater with a widen neckline that allows for an exposed shoulder.” – Kim

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“I buy a new nightie!” – Sian

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“Nourishing my sexy body with smoothies and veggies makes me feel sexiest. Also, when I hear people tell me they can't believe I'm 40!” – Shereen

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“When I have a new ‘do, a nice long shower, and put on smell goods and oil afterward.” – LaTasha

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“His reaction every time I get undressed makes me feel sexiest!” – Della

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“I feel sexy when I'm learning new things. Knowledge is power!” – Ebony

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“Soft skin makes me feel sexy!” – Phyllis