Eye Candy: Physique and Fitness Model Harold Allen

Personal trainer and physique competitor Harold Allen has our full attention this morning. He admires an intelligent, fit woman who likes to cuddle. Yup, he said “cuddle!” Instant crush alert!

Charli Penn Aug, 25, 2014

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Allen, 31, was raised in Pittsburgh but currently calls Phoenix, Arizona home. “I love the heat, the mountains and all of the summer pool parties,” he says. Sounds like a good time!

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“I’m a military brat, so I moved around a lot as a child,” says Allen. “It was fun at times but also sad because I made friends and always had to leave. However, I always enjoyed being in new places, meeting new people and seeing different places all around the country and world.”

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“I think a woman’s sexiest qualities are her confidence, intelligence and sense of humor,” says Allen.

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“If a woman makes it through one of my workouts, I’m really impressed,” says Allen.

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“I work on my shortcomings to the best of my abilities,” says Allen. “I think I’m a good catch because I will do anything to make my lady happy and always make sure she knows she is my queen and equal.”

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Well, hello there, gorgeous! Does this photo even need a caption? We vote "no."

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“On a Friday night, you’ll see me with a large Papa John’s thin crust Meat Lovers pizza playing with my son until we both pass out in front of the TV while watching Sports Center,” says Allen.

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“I’m teaching my son to always respect women and to strive to be the best man he can be for them regardless of the situation,” says Allen.

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“Yes, ladies, I can cook,” Allen says. “I can cook. In fact, I cook most of my meals since my training has me particular about what I eat. When I’m dieting, it’s chicken, steak, potatoes, rice and asparagus. I also love spaghetti. And for a rare treat, there’s fried chicken, but I haven’t eaten any in forever.”

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Allen isn’t just a hunk, he’s a hero too. He spent two tours in Iraq.

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In case you were wondering, Allen is 100-percent single, ladies. (Admit it, you were dying to know.)

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“Honestly, a perfect date is doing something that makes you both smile and forget about all the not-so-pleasant aspects of your day or life,” says Allen. “You know, just relaxing and truly enjoying the time with the person you care about, and being in your own world, just the two of you.”

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Allen tells us that the bravest things he has ever done is save lives on the ground in Iraq. Thank you for your service!

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