11 Signs You're Really Not Feeling Him As Much As You Think

Sometimes when we’re dating, we realize we’re just going through the motions. Here’s how to tell if you’re not as happy with him as you appear to be.

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You finally decide to give him a call because you were lonely and desired companionship. After the first 30 minutes, you immediately realize that you don’t like the way he chews his food, gulps his drinks or talks with food in his mouth. You’re thinking, “there is no way I could ever be with him for the long haul.” Okay, then don’t.

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You tried to engage in intellectual conversation or find some similarities in things you both like to do, but it’s just not working. Now you are finding yourself thinking about everything else you have to do at the office or the piled up laundry at home instead of being in the moment with him. Problem!

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You’ve chosen your friends once again! We always encourage each member of a relationship to have their own hobbies and their own life because it just makes your time together much stronger and more interesting. But, if every single time there’s a choice to spend time with him or your friends and family you choose them over him, let’s face it: You’re just not that into him.

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He’s tall, dark and handsome. He’s everything you’ve imagined in the man of your dreams until he opens his mouth. Lately you realize at that moment, you can’t do anything with him. So what do you do? Continue on day after day or cut it off now? Option two!

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Things were going well until he started talking about the two of you making plans for the future and suddenly the hairs on your neck start to curl and you get that uncomfortable feeling in your gut trying to think of how you can squirm your way out of the conversation politely. Yeah, he’s not The One.

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When you see that he’s calling you, if you have to take those few extra seconds to think, “Should I answer this?” or “I wonder what he wants” then you might as well send him to voicemail because he’s not keeping you happy. When he’s “The One,” you’ll see his number, immediately smile, and always pick up when you can.

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It’s often pretty easy to invite someone you’re seeing around casual friends or even coworkers.  But the deciding factor is when you find yourself making disclaimers on his behalf before he arrives saying things like “ he’s no looker” or “we are really just friends.” That’s the opposite of a good sign.

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He’s constantly introducing you as his lady or girlfriend but the thought of returning the favor makes you uneasy. If the butterflies aren’t there, maybe he shouldn’t be either.

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You’ve gotten into a comfortable routine with him but when you catch yourself daydreaming at a stoplight, your mind is on someone else. Will your new man ever live up to what you had in mind?  If not, he’s certainly not Mr. Right.

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Let’s face it: We make time for the things and people that are most important to us. If you haven’t cleared a day in your calendar for him in the last two weeks, he’s clearly not a priority. Stop pretending that he is!!

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One minute the two of you are madly in love, and the next you’re screaming at each other like two archenemies. This shows either a real lack of communication and nothing but an even bumpier road lies ahead.  Make sure you know whether this relationship is built on love or lust.

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Now that we’ve given you a few of the signs that you may be dating the wrong guy, what do you do? You may decide to move on so that you don’t waste time or energy building on something that will be harder and harder to get out of as time goes on and things get comfortable. Or, you might decide you’re enjoying the company and you both know where you stand.  The choice is yours, but these are points to ponder.  Either way we’re always rooting for love. Cheers!

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