TD Jakes And Joyous Celebration Close Out ESSENCE Fest Durban With A Bang
TD Jakes Twitter Page

The TD Jakes experience at the 2017 ESSENCE Festival Durban in South Africa was truly unlike any other.

The world-renowned minister and motivational speaker held the crowd’s attention for the duration of his time on stage, as he delivered powerful words of honesty and reassurance to let the audience know that greater days are ahead.

“Your parents and your parents’ parents paid too great a price for you to die in your mess,” he told attendees. “It’s time for you to soar. Build that business, start that company. Stretch into another dimension!”

Backed by South African’s beloved Joyous Celebration Gospel choir, Bishop Jakes lit up the evening and ignited the entire audience while speaking truth to power to close out the jam-packed weekend.

The revered spiritual leader did not disappoint and was perfectly complimented by the upbeat musical selections and high-energy dance moves of Joyous Celebration.

All in all, wonderful conclusion to an unforgettable weekend in Durban.