When Girls United co-founder Rechelle Dennis first connected with ESSENCE Festival performer Raiche, the singer gave us a look into who she is as an artist.

They also discussed the type of music Raiche listens to, her work and also how she manages anxiety.

“I listen to almost everything,” the 24-year old said. “Billie Holiday, to John Mayer, Ariana Grande…Bill Withers, I love oldies.” Her sound is reflective of her passion for retro sounds, as her voice possesses the richness present in early R&B.

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Raiche first burst on the scene with her 2018 single “Money Pies.” When first describing the single to Essence, she said it “celebrates women chasing the bag and getting what’s theirs in a fun way.” By the time of the track’s release, she had inked a deal with Atlantic Records and has been further cultivating her voice since then.

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During the conversation with Dennis, Raiche also spoke on handling anxiety. “I’m terrified all the time,” she said candidly, speaking about her then-upcoming performance for ESSENCE’s Music Mondays. “I think it’s really important to push yourself, you know, you don’t ever want to hold yourself back by your fears.”

We are inspired by her confidence and can confirm that she slayed her ESSENCE Fest performance!

Watch Raiche’s performance at ESSENCE Festival of Culture powered by Coca-Cola below.


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