#WCW: 9 Quotes From Stunning Model & Activist Ebonee Davis That Will Help You Get Things Back On Track

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Rachaell Davis May, 23, 2018

25-year-old model Ebonee Davis has consistently used her platform to not only showcase her authentic beauty and personal style, but also to provide words of affirmation, encouragement and unfiltered advice on everything from self-love to relationships to health.

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Her daily presence on social media brings her audience in contact with empowering quotables that prove she’s equally as invested in beautifying her mind as she is her outer shell. Scroll through for a look at some of our favorite quotables from Ebonee and then be sure to catch her on our 2018 ESSENCE Festival Beauty & Style stage this July.

1 of 9 Greg Noire

"What most don't realize is that God wants for you what you truly desire for yourself. God does not want to punish you or see you miserable. God wants you to be your best & come into alignment with all that's meant for you by letting go of what's not. God's will is YOUR will."

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"Don't take it personal when people can't show up for you the way you want them to. Truthfully most people have a hard time just showing up for themselves."

3 of 9 Andrew Morales/REX/Shutterstock

"Your faith shouldn't start to waiver just because you can't see the finish line. That should only make it grow stronger."

4 of 9 Michael Rowe

"Your reality is shaped by the beliefs you hold about yourself & the world around you. If you believe the world operates a certain way, you will subconsciously create experiences to support that belief. Want to have better experiences? Reprogram your belief system."

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Sports Illustrated

"Maybe you're not getting the results you want because your effort is inconsistent."

6 of 9 Kofi Dua (Kof Motivation)

"When you're in a state of integrity & walking in your truth the people in your life will either be inspired to rise up & meet you or they will gradually fall away."

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"Stop allowing people to take advantage of your energy & getting mad later when you're drained. Stop allowing people to occupy space in your life who aren't serving your highest self. Love yourself enough to close the door on anyone who isn't contributing to your growth."

8 of 9 CJ Rivera

"Don't come into my life thinking you can complete me, or fulfill me, or love me better than I can. Don't come into my life needing to be needed."

9 of 9 @eboneedavis Instagram

"Self love is the root of change & it manifests as discipline. Until you prioritize self-love, you'll continue engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors. Discipline helps you make choices that align with your aspirations & forgo immediate pleasure in exchange for long-term happiness."