XSCAPE Previewed Their Reunion At The BET Awards... And It Has Us SO Ready For ESSENCE Fest!

If you haven't gotten your tickest to see XSCAPE's first full show in 15 years at the 2017 ESSENCE Fest, you'll want to grab them ASAP after watching this..

Rachaell Davis Jun, 26, 2017

2017 ESSENCE Fest performers XSCAPE had the entire crowd on their feet at the BET Awards as they gave fans a small taste of what’s to come in New Orleans, where they will reunite for their first full show in over 15 years on Sunday night at ESSENCE Fest

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Looking amazing and sounding like they haven’t missed a beat, the ladies effortlessly belted out a brief medley of three songs that included their breakout hit, “Just Kickin,” fan-favorite “Who Can I Run To?” and number one single “Understanding.” 

Be sure to grab your tickets to see XSCAPE light up the stage for the R&B girl group reunion show you’ve been waiting for at the 2017 ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans this July!

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[MUSIC] Hey, everybody. We're Xscape. And guess what? It's been a very long time since we had the opportunity to perform together on stage, but on July Second. We will be in the house, and those that don't have your tickets get the tickets, because you will not be disappointed. For The Essence Festival 2017, be there or hear about it. Xscape is back. That's right. [MUSIC] We talked when somebody was doing an unauthorized movie about us. And we felt like it was important for us to tell our own story. When I was expressing how I felt about our movie not being told right. Tiny also talked to everybody else about it. We all were on the same page. And then she was able to just [INAUDIBLE] Make everything else happen. [NOISE] So I'll give you the cookie. We just on our hustle. Everybody's been hustling, since we've been out of the picture, and having kids at the same time. But we ain't never skipped a beat, or missed the beat. We out there doing something to make sure we take care of our family. And now, we're just back to give you all a little bit more of what we gave you all in the 90s. All of us have a really strong support system, and our kids are very much aware of what's going on, and they're champion all the things that we're doing. So it makes it a lot easier when you have support. Now we're working on a biopic, next year will be our 25th year. That we released our first number one single, Just Kickin It. And we're doing our bio pic and within the bio pic we will be doing original music. The Essence Festival is iconic. To me I felt like it was the perfect place for us to be able to reach. People from all over. It's a big deal to be at Essence Festival. I'm here to get back with the ladies and do what we do. it's been a long time. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]