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The Woke Wonderland Gallery: Here's How 62 Of Your Favorites Have Pledged To Inspire Positive Change In Their Communities

Hundreds of familiar faces in entertainment, politics, fashion, activism and have already joined the movement. Check out some of them here and create your own pledge today!

Every year, ESSENCE Festival serves as a platform where some of the most influential movers and shakers in our communities can come together to celebrate, uplift and inspire our culture through arts, entertainment, fashion, activism and empowerment. This year, we’re taking things to the next level with our 2017 Woke Wonderland campaign.

ESSENCE Festival 2017 single-night tickets and ticket packages are on sale now! For more info and the latest news, visit our Festival page here.

Scroll through the gallery to see how some of your favorite familiar faces have pledged to take action towards inspiring social change in our communities and then head over to www.wokewonderland.com to make your own pledge and join the movement!