Tweet’s Old School Beauty Secrets Are Almost Too Good To Be True
Josh Brasted

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding what skincare products work best, but Tweet believes in keeping things simple.

On July 1, the R&B singer made an an appearance on the 2017 ESSENCE Festival Beauty and Style stage, where she looked back on her personal journey as an artist, while sharing the keys to achieving a timeless look.

“Okay, I’m old school, right? So I grew up to just use water and soap. I don’t use the extra face masks and stuff, but I live by Oil of Olay. Oil of Olay is everything; the moisturizer and the foaming cleanser. Wash your face, moisturize it and go.”

Tweet took to the stage rocking a cropped haircut, a strong departure from the signature waist-length tresses she wore in her “Oops (Oh My)” days. She playfully admitted that she loves the versatility short hair brings to her life.

“I was feeling dated with the long hair and I just wanted to be fresh. So now, if I’m not doing things like this, I’ll throw a wig on in a minute and keep it moving!”

Tweet also shocked many after revealing that she is a grandmother during her Q&A with Gia Peppers. What’s her secret to staying wrinkle free? Ditch the makeup every once and awhile.

“You don’t have to wear makeup all the time! That really damages your skin. Give your skin time to breathe and just live naturally sometimes. That’s everything.”

Outside of glamourous events and red carpets interviews, Tweet can most likely be found sporting a t-shirt and jeans. And although she may enjoy staying low-key, she’s not afraid to level up her style game when the time is right. To her, fashion should be based not on status or age, but the way you feel in the moment.

As she reflected on her growth, she shared her most essential beauty tips: practicing self-care and promoting self-love.  “Write down what you like, what you dont like. Get to know you, love you FIRST, because you have to love you first before you can expect anybody else to.”