When you think of women in rap, one of the first names mentioned should be MC Lyte. 

With over 30 years of show business experience, the veteran rapper has been noted as one of hip-hop’s female pioneers and has one of the most recognizable voices that the industry has ever heard. That’s why it was no surprise when she revealed at ESSENCE Festival 2017 that a biopic would be coming our way sooner than later.

Though the crowd was excited to learn that a biopic was in development, the legendary rapper cautioned that it would not be out for a while. When asked if she had anyone in mind to play her in the film, without hesitation, she revealed her top pick.

“I would want Lil Mama to play me,” she began. “She just did Left Eye though, so it would be a little too soon to see her play my role. But in a couple of years, that’s who I would definitely want to play my character.”

Since Lil Mama has long sited Lyte as her mentor, it makes perfect sense to have her be a part of what could be one of the best biopics of the century.