Master P: 'The Most Important Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself'

The hip-hop mogul gives some serious advice on self-improvement. 

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 05, 2017
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And a lot of people don't know that don't matter what their conditions are, or what you're going through, or where you come from. How you talk, how you look, it don't matter. Success starts with being hungry. I grew up in the projects and I never had a bed. People say, you never had a bed. I never had a bed till I was 18. I had Lived in an apartment with 16 people, and we had three bedrooms. But I didn't use that as being angry, I don't have nothing. I used that as motivation. That was my power. And I said, I'm gonna take this and do something with my life. I'm gonna better myself. I want to better my condition. I need to break the negative cycles that are going on in my house with my family, everything. And so it's almost like jumping out a plane, and not knowing. So you ever watch those guys that jump out the plane, and when get down, they fall and they fall and they fall and they fall, then [UNKNOWN] you think it's over but You land on your feet and you know that I made it. Failure is not even a word in my vocabulary. Cuz every time I almost hit the ground, I put my hands down on something and get back up. Or get on my knees and crawl across that finish line. I tell people all the time, a race And it's not about coming in first place. It's about finishing. It's about keeping your word. It's about being loyal. And just knowing the most important investment that you could make is in yourself.