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[MUSIC] Well I'm so excited to be playing Essence, to me it's the premier black music festival. It feels like I'm a part of history, I'm playing with legends. And I've never been to Essence and so to go as a performer for my first time. Is like, I couldn't have even imagined. [MUSIC] My voice, and my style, doesn't really have a genre anymore. We just have to say it's Pop, because it just blends in to all of these different land soundscapes. And if I feel like sounding kind of like [SOUND]. If I feel like kind of Talking on a record and just being like, hey girl. Woo child, [INAUDIBLE] Like I can do that and if I feel like screaming and singing worship me. And trying to hit Aretha notes. [LAUGH] Trying, key word. [LAUGH] I'm a do that, and I think that the human voice is an instrument. [MUSIC] My DJ, Sophia Aris and the big girls. We thrive live and it started from us opening for a lot of bands and having to get their attention. And now it's just a part of it, it's a part of the energy, and it's a part of what we do. It's a part of our style. We just take the energy and convert it from the crowd from me, it's an energy transfer. It's so important for the black woman to hear, words of encouragement and songs of empowerment and self love and self care. To be a part of Essence festival. And for all of these beautiful black women and beautiful black people to receive. This is honestly never happen for me. I play for predominantly like white crowd or like feminist crowds, white feminist crowds. And so to play for my people which this is who I'm writing songs for because this is my only experiences as a black person It is definitely a game changer for me, I'm so excited. [MUSIC] I have always been very proud to be black, I've never ever wanted to be anything else or I never you know wished I was just light skinned, do you know what I'm saying I I always found beauty in myself. And I think that that's rare. Finding the love for myself and finding self care was definitely a journey. But I've always just been so proud to be a black woman. And I think discovering that there are little things that I need to do to maintain my joy and to maintain my sanity and to maintain my body and to maintain the sanctity in my heart, Those are things that black women who are discovering self love should find. This era of reclaiming Black womanhood. Black female pride, you know what I'm saying. We are here