Survival Tips: The Do's and Don'ts of ESSENCE Festival With Comedian Junior

What should you make sure to do at ESSENCE Festival? Comedian Junior from 'The Steve Harvey Morning Show' hit the Convention Center floor to ask festival goers the perfect formula for an unforgettable festival weekend.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 01, 2017
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All right, we're talking about the Essence Dos and Don'ts. Give me something you should do at Essence. You should have a plan. Start your day early, have a plan of what you want to see, where you want to go and map out everything. Because there's a lot going on for the weekend, so you want to make sure that you don't forget anything at all. You should come dressed to impress. Everybody looking good everybody looking nice. Do be yourself and be open. Be yourself, be open. Do's and don'ts Ok, well, for the ladies, if you're going to have any part of your feet exposed, make sure you butter those biscuits. And in between the crevices, we can see the line. Get your friend and mix like a DJ between your toes. That is all she is saying. What is one thing you should do in Essence? Have a funky good time. what is something you shouldnt do? Get to drunk pass out somewhere. To drunk and pass out somewhere, [LAUGH] must be a lot of that happening. Now here is something you dont do when partying at night Be a vampire so you don't let the sun come up on you. So you can stay out at night, but if the sun hits you, what happens to a vampire? You explode. So, don't get burned up, okay? And I don't know how vampires got in this, but don't let that sun catch you comin up. We don't wanna go to breakfast and see you with the same outfit on from last night is what we sayin. We don't wanna see you in same outfit. Friday night outfit should not look like Saturday morning, that's all she's saying. Telling you, man, there's a lot of answers, dos and don'ts out here. You gotta stick with me, people know what they're doing. You gotta do it, it's dos and don'ts. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't know right now, with my famous coworker, Carla Ferrell over here at Essence Eats. Carla, we're just talking about all day long, about Essence dos and don'ts. Give me some do's and don'ts at ESSENCE. All right, do not wear your heels and try to walk around the convention center. Now, you're walking around with red bottoms in your hand because you didn't wear your flats. Get your cute flat game one, get the flats on. Because you are gong to walk inside the Superdome, concrete floor. Your dogs are going to be barking. That's all I got to say. Alright. Let's see. Do. Do have a good time. Do kick it. Do party. Represent. Do take your pictures. Selfies. All of it. Dude come over to instaeats. That's right. Do come over here. Well there you have it. Take a break. It's a lot of dos and it's a lot of don'ts down here at Essence. So we have to see what happens next year. These was the dos and don't at Essence Festival. I'm your favorite cousin Junior. I'm gonna go get dressed for the night. [MUSIC]