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[MUSIC] It feels great performing again. We love Essence Fest and performing is our favorite thing to do in the world so what better way than to do it in [UNKNOWN] and be surrounded by our people? And yeah, what are we bringing new? New Songs. Well, new songs, definitely. Because we actually dropped our mix tape, the two of us like two months ago and we have a bunch of songs on there that we love to play live. So we're bringing that new to the table. I definitely think our sound comes from our. Individual interests. What we gravitate towards to definitely spills into our music that we create. She's such a big jazz head and her melodies are so classical and I like that alternative-electronic-R&B-soul music and when you put the two together it makes our sound and I love it because it happened naturally, it's not forced, we just, We're ourselves and it turns out to something beautiful, two heads are definitely better than one. Yeah, it's also definitely our bond, my sister and I, we're so very close, we're like each others best friends. Yeah. And, our mentality and our thinking is so cohesive and in sync, it just makes it so easy, and that's when you know that it's right and We're just vessels, and we're allowing the art to flow right through us. Yes. And it's not supposed to be forced, and that's when it's the best. That's when it's fun and exciting, because you never know what you're gonna get. It just sticks. Yeah, and then also, my sister, her amazing producer Sing and how she can create such heavy beats being such a small fragile girl. I think it's really cool, and that also translates. And it all just blends together in a big melting pot. [LAUGH] You know music is such a universal Language, and I feel like if you want to say something with true depth and meaning, I feel like music is the best place to do that, even someone who doesn't understand you or speak English, they might speak another language, they will feel it, because a song will evoke a certain Feeling and it will mean something to you. People have such different opinions and feel different types of ways. And sometimes when you try to talk it's like they're not hearing you but singing and through song, it seems to translate through the soul rather than your mind. That your outside person so, When whoever watches our show tonight, when they leave, I want them to feel positive, inspired and empowered to do what they want to do, you whatever makes them happy. Do it. Hangout with people that make you smile, Create whatever will make you smile, and do it. Whenever I'm at someone's show, and I'm so inspired, I leave feeling incredible, so happy about who I am and happy about what I witnessed. And I want to make my mark on the world, so I hope we leave that on somebody. Absolutely. When you leave a great concert, you feel inspired, and you're like Wow, that person can do that? I can do something with my life. I can get up and do something wonderful. So that's basically what we wanna do. Our number one goal is to inspire and to make somebody feel good, to release whatever negative energy their feeling and replace it with happiness and positivity and love. That's all we want. So

Beyonce’s phenomenal young protegees Chloe and Halle sat down with ESSENCE just before they took the stage in Walmart’s For The Love of R&B Superlounge during ESSENCE Festival weekend in New Orleans. Check out the video above to hear them dish on why their sound is so unique, their new mixtape titled The Two of Us, and more!

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