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Good morning. Day two of Essence. [MUSIC] I popped that booty like you know I can. If you don't be careful, I might take your man. Yes. And I love you. Hug yourself. Everybody. Until we do what needs to be done, I am saying impeach forty-five. [MUSIC] Thank so much, love you all. Cuz y'all ain't flaky, you ain't flying by night. You are ride to die. You gonna ride and somebody gonna die. Thank you so much. Thank you so much to Essence for this. I say hallelujah, because I've also been loved, you loving me. Me loving you. God loving us. Yeah I got a little cellulite. Yeah I need an underwire. But baby, hey, I can work with what I got. Because no matter where I am I can always get a good piece of chocolate. Hallelujah.

All The Lit Moments From Day 2 Of ESSENCE Festival

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