Secrets of Slayage: How ESSENCE Fest Duo St. Beauty Look and Feel Fierce!
Instagram/St. Beauty

As we count down to the 2016 ESSENCE Festival, June 30-July 3 in New Orleans, artists and speakers from our power-packed lineup will reveal how they step up their slay game. This week we have St. Beauty, the Janelle Monáe-cosigned duo of Alex Belle and Isis Valentino, who will be bringing their melodic voices and soul-piercing lyrics to the Superdome.

1. Smile more and drink more water.
Isis encourages less worrying and more hydration. While water will help you live a better life on the inside, smiling will help on the outside.

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2. Rock your own smoothie.  
“I make my own green smoothie every morning with spinach, pineapple, green apple, banana, and cucumbers,” says Isis. “I also use water.”

3.  A hot lip color always helps.
“You gotta have a nice lip on,” says Alex. “I am always mixing lip colors. Right now, I like wearing dark brown lipstick.”

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4. Find your perfect angle to slay that selfie.
“You’ve gotta get them angles right,” says Alex. “I like my profile, so sometimes I turn my head to get the best shot. You got to get your good side!”

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5. But also…put your phone down.

“Walk out the house and be excited about life,” says Isis. “Enjoy the weather, enjoy the trees, enjoy being here without looking down at your phone. Erykah Badu said it best: ‘Put your phone down.'”

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