Watch Miguel Perform the Live Version of His Single, ‘Coffee’ on BBC
BBC Radio

Miguel is one of the most talented R&B singers of this generation and he’s working hard to climb his way to the top.  Three years ago, ESSENCE FEST alum Miguel released his sophomore album, Kaliedoscope Dream, to rave reviews from fans, critics and industry peers. Later that year, he walked away with a Grammy for Best R&B Song for his unforgettable hit, Adorn

After a busy period of touring and experiencing a new level of fame, the R&B singer took a bit of a break.  But now, the 29-year-old California native is gearing up to release his third studio album, WILDHEART, on June 30.  For the past month, he’s been promoting and popping up at various venues to perform his new single, Coffee.  During a recent swing by the BBC, he performed a live, stripped down version and it just might be a bit better than the original.

Don’t take our word for it, though.  Watch for yourselves, below.

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