Vendor Spotlight: Meet Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital at our ESSENCE FEST Community Corner
Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

Every person who attends the ESSENCE FESTIVAL has the chance to leave inspired, entertained and reinvigorated.  Our Independence Day Weekend event features tons of quality entertainment, delicious food, spiritual seminars, arts and crafts and even opportunities to help others in need.

Our Community Corner gives various initiatives the chance to find more people to make their mission stronger and bring awareness to their cause.  With the theme of the 2015 ESSENCE FEST being #BRINGTHELOVE, we want our guests to share it as much as they can within their communities and those that need it most.

While we have great veterans returning to share their missions, this week we wanted to feature a new addition: Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.  Before his passing, Madiba himself pushed for this cause to be funded and created for well-being of South African children.  

Find out a little more about the initiative, here:

ESSENCE: How many times have you been to Essence Fest? 

Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital: This will be the first time for the organization.

ESSENCE: What should crowds expect?

To interact and experience the plans afoot of the last legacy project of the global icon leader, i.e. the state-of-the art pediatric hospital.

ESSENCE: Tell us about how your non-profit or community organization started and its history.

In 2005, Nelson Mandela personally challenged the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund to investigate pediatric healthcare in Southern Africa, and what can be done to improve any disparities. After feasibility studies and consultation with hospitals around the world, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust was established. Since then the Trust has been fundraising towards its $100 million target. In April 2014, they reached their halfway mark, and began construction on the hospital. To date, $62m has been raised, and the hospital is targeted to open in the second half of 2016. This is Madiba’s last wish for the children of Africa – a legacy project whose effects will be felt for generations to come.

ESSENCE:  Why is it important for your community group to be represented at one of America’s largest festivals?

By sharing in the experience of what is to be South Africa’s second children’s hospital, we would like to extend a ‘Chain of Support’ for a much-needed facility which would be custodian to healthcare for children – tomorrow’s leaders.

ESSENCE:  What is the mission statement of your community group or organization?

Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital (NMCH) will be a state-of-the-art specialist pediatric academic and tertiary referral hospital providing child-centered, best-quality medical services to the children of Southern Africa, irrespective of their social and economic status.

ESSENCE: What is the ESSENCE of your community non-profit? Why should ESSENCE FEST fans visit your exhibit?

The ESSENCE of NMCH is child-centered healthcare. The plans afoot for the hospital are very inspirational and ground breaking for the Benefiting The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital movement, it is essential to share in the legacy, whilst spreading the message that each and every person contributing to the realisation of the Hospital, helps a child to realize their dreams.

How do fans keep up with you until July? 

Visit us at and to donate Reference: BNMCH

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