#TBT: 7 Moments That Made Us Fall in Love with #EssenceFest alum, Jill Scott
Michael Rowe

Jill Scott performs to sold out audiences all of the time, but her #EssenceFest performances stand out like no other.  Coupled with the electrifying audience, the thousands of lights, the immensity of the Super Dome and Jill Scott in all of her womanly splendor, each of her six performances have made audiences fall in love with the Philadelphia native.  Still, there are many moments that happen behind the scenes; such as interviews, press gatherings and fan moments that many do not get to see.

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, we gathered a few moments that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with our latest Black Women in Music honoree all over again:

1.  When she spoke about why performing at ESSENCE Fest was such an honor in the press room in 2014…

2.     When she described how fine she thought Maxwell was (and is) in 2010…

3.     When she was in awe of a beautiful fan painting then said, “You painted my forehead too big…”

4.     When she took it all the way back and repped every nickname variation related to her hometown, (ie: “Jilly from Philly!”) in 2013…

5.     When she admitted that she was basically a member of the Beyhive on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” in the same year…

6.     When she described why every performance is different for her in an interview with Nola:

“Music is humanity. I’ve never been one way all the time. I admire those kinds of folks who can always be happy, or always be angry — they’re pretty consistent. But I’m living life. Sometimes I’m filled with joy, and other days, I have to search for it. Sometimes I’m fully, completely in love, and sometimes I’m like, “Forget it.” It’s life...”

7. And of course… Every single time she shut down the main stage.  If you’ve never seen it, here’s a clip:

What are your favorite Jill Scott #EssenceFest moments?

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