Celebrate Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly’s Return to ESSENCE Fest With This Playlist of Unforgettable Songs
Gus Bennett

Back by popular demand, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly has returned to the ESSENCE Fest stage. On Friday, July 3rd, one of the world’s most influential bands will close out the night with a heart-racing, mind-blowing live performance.

One of the major themes of ESSENCE Fest 2015 is the commemoration of the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. After years of performing in and around New Orleans, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly has proven that no one can uplift the city quite like they do. In order to get you fully prepared for their performance, we gathered a list of 10 of their unforgettable songs.

Enjoy, and try not to two-step in your cubicle!

1.  Joy and Pain

2.  Southern Girl

3.  Happy Feelin’s

4.  Back in Stride Again

5.  Running Away

6.  While I’m Alone

7.  Golden Time of Day

8.  Can’t Get Over You

9.  Feel That You’re Feelin’

10.  Before I Let Go


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