If Tank approached you on the dance floor, extended his hand and said “Dance with me” what would you do? Surely you’d take the opportunity to get close to him. Who can deny his chocolate smooth skin and that voice? Even if you’re not the smoothest dancer, no worries, Tank is here to teach you his new moves: The Love Step.

In between preparing for his upcoming ESSENCE Festival performance and putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming album Stronger, the R&B singer-songwriter found time to choreograph The Love Step that goes hand-in-hand with his uptempo new single “Dance With Me.”

It’s super easy and a lot of fun. Take a listen to Tank’s new song and watch the tutorial video to learn the moves. You never know, Tank will be in New Orleans this weekend and he just might ask you for that dance.

If you are in New Orleans for ESSENCE Festival, Tank will be in the Convention Center at the Walmart Booth at 3:15PM CST on Friday July 4 showing fans how to do The Love Step. Then see him perform on the Main stage July 5. See you there!