Relive The Moment: Tank
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Tank has performed at ESSENCE Festival plenty of times. In the Superlounge as well on the Mainstage as a solo artist and with his group TGT so he had plenty of moments to relive. Find out what his favorite moments were below:

For me, a monumental performance as far as me being on stage was definitely when I got invited to do the Super Lounge. It was actually my first time performing at the ESSENCE Festival. Like I had done promo and all those things and ESSENCE had reached out to me and said ‘Hey we want you to do our Superlounge.’ And you know I’m always grateful for every opportunity and for everyone who shows up. I never count it before it happens. I never say ‘Oh yeah, that’s ‘gon be crazy.” I’m always like ‘I pray that this is going to be a good event.’ Because my name and my picture is here so I hope people will show up at this slot because when the Superlounge is going on, the Mainstage is going on as well. It could easily be a bad turnout. I could easily have seven people say ‘C’mon you ‘gon do it Tank! But there was a line outside of the door and people couldn’t get in they had to wait for the second show and then the second show was slammed. I was like ‘wow!’

Number one, I’m a part of ESSENCE Festival but my part is actually a success. So that just kind of kicked it off and I’ve been addicted ever since. You know, I’m asking people in December what we doing for ESSENCE Fest? Am I on? Am I not on? They got six people, Tank, well tell ‘em I’m ready. So I look forward to it every year.

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As far as watching performances, I’ll tell you a crazy moment Aretha Franklin I guess was supposed to headline and then last minute Chaka Khan got added to the bill. I’m not too sure if Aretha was happy about that but what I do know is that Aretha began to extend every song as long as she could until the audience had either fallen asleep {assuming] she tried to cut into her time. So people left and went home and went to sleep. And I was like oh that’s so messed up. So I’m watching this happen. About almost two hours later and you how many people the place holds, maybe 10% of the crowd left. Chaka Khan comes out on that stage after Aretha goes off and proceeds to murder it. Chaka Khan had dancers crumping and doing all kinds of stuff. Chaka put on a show! And I mean from the band and everything and everybody who stayed long enough got a real treat. She smashed all 20,000 of those people and I said ‘that’s how you do it.’ That’s boss right there. Chaka Khan…I had to give her props. Because Aretha, that’s tough to follow.

You can see Tank live on the Mainstage at ESSENCE Festival on Saturday Jun 5. Get tickets here.