It’s a common expectation that men go all out when it comes to their bachelor party. There’s even a series of popular movies to support that notion. But brides-to-be don’t have to miss out on the fun. One way to do that? Head to New Orleans for the 2014 ESSENCE Festival. It’s not too late to organize a bachelorette getaway to the iconic celebration, so grab your girls and start planning because we’ve got five good reasons why you should celebrate the Fourth of July — and your last hurrah as a single lady — at this year’s ESSENCE Fest.

1. It’s the best place to party with your girlfriends.

The ESSENCE Festival is the biggest and longest running party ever. You get to bond with your girls, meet new people, run into old college buddies and attend educational, but fun seminars. You can potentially meet some of your favorite celebrities and see some of the biggest names in the world in concert. The Essence Festival really is a one-stop shop for all things great.

2. Your single friends might find Mr. Right.

Sure, you’re getting ready to jump the broom, and that’s lovely. But what about your single friends? They need love too, and they might find it on this trip! Smart, successful men know that the ESSENCE Festival is a good place to meet intelligent women who are beautiful inside and out, and some of the most ambitious ones convince their boys to join them in the fun.

3. New Orleans is basically the party capital of the world.

There’s no place like New Orleans. From its rich history to unique French-inspired architecture, the city is one of the many beautiful jewels of the south. Let’s not forget about the food! The delicious Cajun and creole cuisines will make your mouth water. No travelista worth her weight in sky miles can skate through life without at least one visit to New Orleans. You have to out do your hubby-to-be’s bachelor party shenanigans by ten, and once he learns you’re traveling down to ‘Nawlins, he’ll try to step his game up.

4. Prince.

Hel-lo! The Purple One in concert is a guaranteed good time. What else do you really need? He graced the ESSENCE Festival stage in 2004 and people are still talking about it a decade later. Prince sings his heart out and executes unreal guitar tricks, all while performing as much of his musical catalogue as he can. Every group of girlfriends should go to the ESSENCE Festival at least once, but seeing Prince perform live is also necessary. It’s a two-for-one deal.

5. Network! Network! Network!

Your bachelorette party will be a fun getaway where you can party and relax, but you never know who you’re going to meet in the NOLA. This is one of the New Orleans tourism board’s biggest city events, so mingling with the motley crew of visitors could possibly lead to unforeseen opportunities, so network, network, network.