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#20Years20Stages: Kevin Hart's Most Hilarious ESSENCE Fest Moments

#20Years20Stages, we're going to take a look back at some of Kev's most hilarious moments at the ESSENCE Festival.
#20Years20Stages: Kevin Hart’s Most Hilarious ESSENCE Fest Moments

You can’t keep a straight face when Kevin Hart is around. It’s not going to happen. 

Lucky for us, Kevin Hart is a frequent ESSENCE Fest visitor, and he brings all of his silliness with him. From impersonating Trey Songz and Charlie Wilson to that time someone let him on stage to do his birthday dance, here are Mr. Hart’s most hilarious and most memorable ESSENCE Fest moments.

1-Kevin Hart Impersonates Trey Songz

There’s always love between Kevin Hart and the people he impersonates, and that rings especially true for him and Trey Songz. During a press conference at last year’s ESSENCE Festival, Trey Songz enlisted the comedian to answer all questions from the press on his behalf. With additional help from Houston Rocket player James Harden, Kevin Hart did a spot-on-impression of Trey Songz. To say that it was hilarious would be an understatment.

2-Kevin Hart Pays Homage to Charlie Wilson

Uncle Charlie puts on a show! If you’ve never seen him perform live, then purchase your tickets now to this year’s ESSENCE Festival so you can witness it first hand. At the 2012 ESSENCE Festival, Tank, Tyrese and Kevin Hart greeted Charlie Wilson backstage after another one of his show stopping performances. Hart, who had never seen Charlie Wilson perform, gave the veteran entertainer his just due, but not without throwing in a few jokes. As always, hilarity ensued.

3-Kevin Hart’s Birthday Dance

For his 32nd birthday, Kevin Hart celebrated in New Orleans at the 2012 ESSENCE Festival. We’re still not too sure who let Kev on stage, but we’re sure glad we got it on camera. Please don’t try this at home. You might hurt yourself.

4-Kevin Hart Teaches Us to Bet on Ourselves

At the 2013 ESSENCE Festival, Kevin Hart spoke on the Verizon Wireless Panel to discuss how technology has helped advance his career. Hart then began to talk about why he choose to fund his stand-up comedy film “Let Me Explain.” He didn’t to go through a studio because he didn’t want anyone else to reap the benefits of his hard work, so he used his own money. The move was a success because “Let Me Explain” went to number one at the box office. Kevin Hart is hilarious and silly, but he’s also smart.