Hey ladies! Though we’re busy gearing up for the ESSENCE Music Festival and the accompanying ESSENCE Empowerment Experience on July 6-8 in New Orleans, we took a little time off to catch up with VH1’s sultry show, Single Ladies. This week, Keisha dealt with some difficult issues that resulted in her dismissal of both her complicated boo Malcolm and ex-beau Sean. Still, both of these gentlemen are so delicious, it’s impossible to think that she won’t let at least one of them back into her life. So we asked our ESSENCE Facebook friends what they thought she should do and here’s what you said:

“I think Malcolm ain’t right, there’s’ something he’s not saying. Sean is fine! But his return is too perfect. Either take Sean back or date new people!” -Hacia Hamidou

“Keisha is being played with by Malcolm, he is always keeping a secret that she finds out about later. Her ex is her ex for a reason. She should stay single until she finds a man worthy of her effort.” -Ladyi Iris

“Decisions! Decisions! I don’t know, they both look good and make good figures. One hurt her, both lied. Get with Rick Fox.” -LaBrenda Miller

“I like Malcolm for me lol, Keisha can have the lawyer.” -Dorothea Nicholas

“Whatever, if you go back you cannot go forward.” -Tina Walton

“She should date new people and leave Sean and Malcolm alone because they both look like drama and trouble!” -Althea Woolcock

“I like her chemistry with Malcolm. Yes, he was being an ass about the money but I do think he loves her. Sean is her past for a reason.” -Bonnie Smith

“Malcolm … only if he gets divorced!” -Lucretia Warren

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