Zendaya has scored big once again but, are we surprised? Just days after she dropped her iconic ESSENCE 50th Collectors spread, the “Euphoria” actress announced that she is the new face of the luxury fashion house Valentino.

Pulled by Pierpaolo Picciol the creative director of Valentino who has been coined as reemerging the brand, while keeping the tried and true moments that is built in the label’s aesthetic. “The reason why we chose Zendaya as the new face for Valentino is because she perfectly embodies and represents what Valentino is and stands for, today,” Picciol said in a provided statement sent to press. “She is a powerful and fierce young woman that uses her talent and her work to express herself, her values and her generation as well.”

The actress recently scored big during this on going virtual awards season by picking up her first Emmy at this year’s ceremony. This made history as she became the youngest star to win Best Actress in a Drama Series. While the pandemic has slowed or completely halted most, Zendaya is another example of resilience. “I am honored to have been chosen as the face of Valentino. I’m so excited to begin this amazing collaboration with Pierpaolo and the entire Valentino family,” Zendaya concluded.

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For more information visit www.valentino.com.