Celebrating Willow Smith’s 18th Birthday: Here's 18 Times She Gave Us A Fashion Moment

A true embodiment of youth culture, Willow's next-level fashion sense is second to none!
Avon Dorsey Oct, 31, 2018

It’s no secret, Willow Smith has grown up living the high life.

As the daughter of Hollywood royalty, she’s always had access to the “finer things,” including exquisite homes, fancy cars and, of course, fabulous clothing.

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Over the course of the last 18 years, we’ve witnessed the eclectic singer and actress come out of her shell, blossoming into an embodiment of unapologetic youth culture. Naturally, every step of the way, she has continuously left her mark on virtually every red carpet she’s graced from childhood to adulthood.

She’s also been a brand ambassador for Chanel, a front-row regular at numerous fashion shows and has appeared on the covers of several high profile magazines—all before turning 18.

In other words, she’s lit AND making her strides in style. Scroll through below to check out our gallery of Willow’s best fashion moments as we celebrate her big day.