Who’s That Girl?: Hannah Bronfman
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This 25-year-old is more renaissance woman than “it” girl. She’s a DJ, restaurateur and entrepreneur –– and doing it all stylishly. We caught up with Hannah Bronfman to chat about the cool projects she’s juggling and her fabulous sense of style.

ESSENCE.com: You’ve been coined the new “it” girl, but you’re far more than that. Tell us, who is Hannah Bronfman and what does she do?

HANNAH BRONFMAN: I’m a bit of a renaissance woman. Im very passionate about health, wellness, beauty and sustainability so I work on projects that encompass those interests.

ESSENCE.com: You’re involved in a few fashion projects as well and you have an innate sense of style, could you tell us what role fashion plays in your life?

BRONFMAN: Fashion is extremely important to me as I feel it is for every woman. Every day you wake up and get dressed. I put on clothes that I like to wear and that make me feel good.

ESSENCE.com: You were recently in the Bar III fashion documentary This is My Reality during Tribeca Film Festival, how did this video capture your reality?

BRONFMAN: It was a great film to be a part of. I was able to travel to places I’d never been before, like Puerto Rico and Marfa.  I’d say it captured my reality because it was me exploring amazing places and spending time with people I care a lot about. The film shows a lot of my favorite fashion clothing and accessories from Bar III. The  Bar III brand has a lot of pieces that are easy to mix and match with many of my vintage pieces which is what makes my style unique and a part of my reality as well. You can watch it here!

ESSENCE.com: You’re currently a guest editor/curator for the Nifty Thrifty vintage website; who are some of your favorite throwback style icons?

BRONFMAN: Kate Moss in the 90s was epic, Foxy Brown could do no wrong and Diana Ross is and was simply fabulous.

ESSENCE.com: You’re mom (Sherry Bronfman) is also a very stylish woman, how were you influenced by her in general and also her personal style?

BRONFMAN: My mother has shaped my style! She is definitely a style icon to me. She is very outside of the box and I think that I am more “inside the box” than she, but I definitely try to push the envelope.
ESSENCE.com: What can we expect next from you?

It would be a dream to travel the world while DJing fabulous events!