Whensmokeclears Is A Fashion House Led By Young Creatives
Stylist / Creative Director – @ziggymackjohnson, Photographer – @beezdai, Models @alexischantellej, @ripcris, @jaybadass.

In the current fashion space, young creatives are the mood board. From participating in boardroom discussions to unfortunately larger brands taking their ideas, millennials have become a blueprint for the fashion industry. And they’re exactly who brands are targeting. Dior collaborating with Jordan, Fila and Fendi releasing a capsule collection, and the iconic Supreme and Louis Vuitton partnership are only a few of the capsule collections that have sparked a new wave of creators in the industry.

But, without a large backing from a corporation like LVMH, creatives like New York-based designer Young Thermal have taken matters into their own hands and have independently funded their own fashion houses.

Whensmokeclears is a design house by the Bronx native in 2015 basked on the success of a film production company with the same name. Having produced top-shelf music videos for acts such as Playboi Carti, French Montana, A-Boogie and Cam’ron, Thermal took the opportunity to build an iconic symbol of the community he was apart of.

For its new collection, Whensmokeclears partnered with fashion staple K$ace, to create the introductory “Radiant Heart” design.

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Inspired by album imagery from Kanye and Kid Cudi, the new capsule collection is a unifying representation of confidence intended as membership for anyone wearing it.

Shop the new collection here.

Stylist / Creative Director – @ziggymackjohnson, Photographer – @beezdai, Models @alexischantellej, @ripcris, @jaybadass.