Spring Forward, Sis! Shop These 10 Trench Coats And Handbag Sets Under $50      
Photo: ZARA
What’s the perfect combination for your spring fashion wardrobe? Revamped trench coats paired with a set of fabulous handbags is this year’s answer to being in the know.
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The hot new trend is doubling up small, structured handbags with chic, sleek trench coats.

ESSENCE, March 2019. Spring Trends (Trench Coats & Handbag Sets)

Pocketbooks are perfect for carrying your mini tech devices when you’re on the go, and nontraditional trench-style jackets—from transparent looks to neon colors—aren’t just for wearing in the rain, so these two pieces should be on your shopping list right now. Scroll through our cool spring fashion gallery below to find chic buys under $50 and a special splurge item for you.


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