Top Black Fashion Bloggers to Follow for Major Style Inspiration



Dominique Hobdy May, 23, 2016

Although fashion bloggers have been around for years now, there are only a few who have really mastered the game. From fashion tips to feeds that mirror your favorite magazine spreads, these are the women whose style we can’t get enough of. See our top picks and get to double-tapping!

1 of 20 Instagram/freddieharrel

Who: Frederique Harrel

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: U.K. blogger Freddie Harrel's infectious energy is evident through her Instagram feed even though she's across the pond. For fun, punchy, off-beat yet oh-so-chic style, Freddie is your girl.

Instagram: @freddieharrel


2 of 20 Instagram/TheWerkPlace

Who: Tiffany Battle

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Tiffany is a woman of many talents, one of which is pairing a fun mix of prints, colors and textures to create some serious #outfitgoals.

Instagram: @thewerkplace


3 of 20 Instagram/TamuMcPherson

Who: Tamu McPherson

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Photographer/blogger Tamu McPherson is all about smart and classic yet funky looks. If you're a fashionista that has a love of travel, Tamu is the blogger for you.

Instagram: @tamumcpherson


4 of 20 Instagram/kelawalker

Who: Kela Walker

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Although you'll be left wondering how she does it all, you won't be able to deny TV host and blogger Kela Walker's fun, sophisticated style and hilarious point of view.

Instagram: @kelawalker


5 of 20 Instagram/thetinycloset

Who: Natalie Live

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Because petite ladies need love (and style inspo) too and Natalie has got it all in one dope space.

Instagram: @thetinycloset


6 of 20 Instagram/GabiFresh

Who: Gabi Gregg

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Blogging OG Gabi Gregg will help you rock those curves like never before!

Instagram: @gabigregg


7 of 20 Instagram/ClaireSulmers

Who: Claire Sulmers

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Perhaps one of the most well-known Black fashion bloggers around, Claire's Fashion Bomb Daily is the style authority you need in your life.

Instagram: @clairesulmers


8 of 20 Instagram/thedaileigh

Who: Ashleigh Hutchinson

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Ashleigh's minimal and chic take on style paired with her know-how (she offers consulations) makes her a fashion blogger must have.

Instagram: @thedaileigh


9 of 20 Instagram/Karenbritchick

Who: Karen Blanchard

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Uber cool Brit, Karen Blanchard is the perfect mix between UK charm and NY edge. She's also an OG in the blogging community.

Instagram: @karenbritchick


10 of 20 Instagram/StylePantry

Who: Folake Hunton

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Because we don't know how she does it all. The wife and mother of 3 never misses an opportunity to slay. Plus, you can go to her page for daily style ideas and body goals.

Instagram: @stylepantry


11 of 20 Instagram/tosha_eason

Who: Tosha Eason

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Tosha's Instagram page reads like an editorial from your favorite fashion magazine. Between the top-notch style and eye-catching imagery we're not sure why you wouldn't want to follow.

Instagram: @tosha_eason


12 of 20 Instagram/styleismything

Who: Soraya De Carvalho

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: The word "slay" doesn't even begin to describe Soraya De Carvalho's page. Jaw-dropping designer pieces and flawless images make her page the ultimate style go-to.

Instagram: @styleismything


13 of 20 Instagram/stylebyada

Who: Ada

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Ada has all of the fun and quicky inspiration you need to put some pep into your wardrobe.

Instagram: @stylebyada


14 of 20 Instagram/marjorie_harvey

Who: Marjorie Harvey

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Marjorie Harvey's instagram page is like a designer gold mine. Fendi to Gucci to Prada, Marjorie has everything you need for those days when you just want to dream.

Instagram: @marjorie_harvey


15 of 20 Instagram/SimplyCyn

Who: Cynthia

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Between Simply Cyn's gorgeous editorialized images, her versatile style and perfectly documented trips abroad you may find yourself a few (or several weeks) deep into her feed.

Instagram: @simplycyn


16 of 20 Instagram/dressupwithjess

Who: Jessica C. Andrews

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: This mover and shaker's feed is all about fierce fashion, insider events, and major love to other Black women doing their thing. Plus, she's the fashion editor for What's not to love?

Instagram: @dressupwithjess


17 of 20 Instagram/AsiyamiGold

Who: Asiyami Gold

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Your favorite fashion magazine has nothing on Asiyami Gold's stunning feed. There's really no other way to put it.

Instagram: @asiyamigold


18 of 20 Instagram/Natashandlovu

Who: Natasha Ndlovu

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Natasha's keen satorial eye makes her Instagram feed feel like another world.

Instagram: @natashandlovu


19 of 20 Instagram/BlakeVonD

Who: Blake Von D

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Blake Von D's beautifully laid out Instagram feed is the definition of aspirational. Whether you're looking for fun and flirty, sporty chic or even a glam moment, Blake Von D has what you need.

Instagram: @blakevond


20 of 20 Instagram/JadoreFashion

Who: Stella-Uzo

Why You Need to Follow ASAP: Stella makes mastering chic and sophisticated style look easy. Showcasing gorgeous pieces with an effortless air makes her page one that must be added to your lineup.

Instagram: @jadorefashion