Twins TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann have been making their mark as game-changing influencers. The Baltimore-bred duo used eclectic style and statement locks to secure brand partnerships, front-row seats, and magazine covers. These days the two promote change via their platform. “Cipriana and I have been quite vocal about diversity in the fashion industry,” says TK. “As Black women, TK and I can’t depend on individuals to abolish a system they directly benefit from,” adds Cipriana. The sisters show us how to look our best while standing firm in our identity. Class is in session.

The body is the greatest canvas, and each day you have a chance to create how you wish to see yourself

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Shoes are like eyebrows. They can make or break a look.


During Fashion Week, all eyes are on the twins. TK and Cipriana are like magnets for photographers. They know it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. These two rock what makes them feel good and refuse to define their looks by one aesthetic. “I love way too many styles to think of a nonhyphenated description,” explains TK, while Cipriana relies on comfort and visual appeal.


What’s an outfit with no statement piece? You won’t catch these ladies without one. Whether it’s a unique hair accessory, popping boots or an eye-catching bag, you can count on these fashionistas for killer finishing touches.


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