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'Thirdlove Bras Are The Truth' And More Revelations From A Conversation Turned Raving Review

Find out why you should be investing in a ThirdLove bra and shop our top picks!

Finding the right bra is like finding the right partner (or shoe or home or pretty much anything worth having) — it’s hard and there’s no way around it, but when you find the right fit you feel like nothing can stop you.

Enter ThirdLove, the bra company that makes comfort and fit a necessity, not an option. Using breathable materials, their “Find My Fit” feature and sizes ranging from A-I (with half cups!), ThirdLove is changing the bra experience.

This is the story of how Danielle and Dominique, two co-workers with different needs, found, fell in love and sung the praises of ThirdLove bras via a Slack conversation.

Read below for all the unfiltered details you need and shop below to find a bra that you won’t want to throw across that room when you get home!

dhobdy [2:08 PM]

Dani [2:10 PM]
What’s up?!

dhobdy [2:11 PM]
This new bra you told me try out is giving me life
My girls were on the struggle bus but it’s like the perfect fit!

Dani [2:11 PM]
The Thirdlove bra right?!
I love it!

dhobdy [2:11 PM]
Like where have they been all my life?!
Ok so, I wasn’t sure what size I was because things are looking different these days but this 36D is literally perfect

Dani [2:13 PM]
Girl! I said the same thing. It’s so hard to find bras as a busty curvy girl, but they got me all the way together.
The fit, the colors, it’s everything.

dhobdy [2:13 PM]
I got that Black lacy 24/7 t-shirt bra with the matching lace panties and I’m in love. I’m legit about to ball out on more colors when I get paid on Friday.
Remember I was telling you that I couldn’t get the fit right and that if I bought another bra that didn’t address that extra skin near my underarms I was going to have a whole fit? Problem solved.

Dani [2:19 PM]
See! They are so awesome. My old bras dig into my shoulders and hurt all day, but the wide straps on my Classic T-Shirt bra are pain-free.

dhobdy [2:20 PM]
Ohhhhh you got the classic T-shirt bra? I was eyeing that.
That might have to be the next move.

Dani [2:21 PM]
I’ve got my eye on the 24/7 Lace Balconette next. I’ve got a date night coming up!

dhobdy [2:22 PM]
Okay date night!!
Yea, that one is gorgeous too. So many options!

Dani [2:27 PM]
Yaaassss! These colors and styles make me feel so sexy. It feels so good to have something more than the beige, black and grey they usually give curvy girls.
Did you see the Classic Lace Racerback? The indigo color is everything.

dhobdy [2:28 PM]
So true! If they all fit like this one, which light, breathable fabric like this, I’m sold. They can take all my coins!
What??! Indigo? About to go check it out now.
Also, just for the record. I’m legit following all of your advice from now on.

Dani [2:30 PM]
Girl you better! You know I don’t play with my bras, and Thirdlove is the truth!

dhobdy [2:32 PM]
Lmao, I was literally going to say the exact same thing. Thirdlove is definitely the truth. Thank you for showing me the light!
I need to get back to work but I’ll give you an update when my new order comes in! I’m sure I’ll be in love.
Oh! And let me know how date night goes!

Dani [2:34 PM]
Will do! Trying to figure out if I should go sultry indigo or spicy orange.

dhobdy [2:34 PM]

Dani [2:35 PM] Right. Definitely both.

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