In this political climate, sometimes a little retail therapy can do the trick. But, with a big year ahead of us like the 2020 election, we can only hope for better results next year. One brand that is doing the work is Soundoff. The new gender-neutral streetwear label is disrupting the market with its inclusive approach and political focus.

The brand has already released two powerful collections: Dope Soul, which features a graphic exploration of the search for peace, light and freedom through the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, and Savage Punk, which is a celebration of the punk movement and it’s a modern resurgence, encompassing people of all races, genders, orientations. With its third release, “Life, Liberty, and Happiness,” Soundoff takes a collegiate approach to the political year that is ahead in 2020.

“As we enter 2020 exercising the gift that so many have fought and sacrificed to give to us all.” —Daryl Sneed and Bret Grafton

With thermal long sleeves that read “Vote Your Veto America,” the two masterminds behind the brand—Daryl Sneed and Bret Grafton—want to encourage everyone to exercise their right and vote in the big election next year. “Our collegiate inspired graphic collection expresses our holiday wish for all Americans as we enter 2020 [to exercise] the gift that so many have fought and sacrificed to give to us all,” says the pair.

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The Life, Liberty, and Happiness collection ranges from $59 to $77 and can be purchased at