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June Ambrose's 'Rockmom' Chronicles

The celebrity stylist's tips on rocking as a mom and a career woman.
June Ambrose is a mother, wife and entrepreneur and does one heck of a job juggling all three. But balancing it all while wearing the flyest heels, baddest Birkin bag and stunner shades isn’t easy — which is why Ambrose has devoted an entire section on her new website, The Juniverse, to the “Rockmom.”

The “Rockmom Chronicles” features cool inspirational tips and tricks on how to, simply put, rock as a mom.

For Mother’s Day, we asked Ambrose to share her top 5 tips and give us a glimpse into being a mom on the move. Take a look here.

1. “I wake before the quake. Waking an hour before my kids start tapping me on the head is my secret to keeping my sanity,” reveals Ambrose.

2. “30 mins of quiet time — meditation is key before an action-packed day,” Ambrose explains. “I use at least 20 minutes of that time in a steam shower. Drop a couple drops of lavender and grapefruit oil for vigor and clarity!”

3. “A well-edited closet makes life less stressful and fashionable when on the move! Classic pieces with personality and accessories that become the punctuation to your look is how one rocks as a mom,” suggests Ambrose.

4. “Create a breakfast menu on a chalkboard in the kitchen for the week. My kids enjoy having and making choices; it keeps everyone balanced.”

5. “Try to work out at least three times a week before the kids wake or after you get them off to school. If not, family morning walks or biking is healthy bonding family time.” 

Rockmom Glam Slam!: “When I’m not ‘glamoflauging’ with a hat and glasses, I put my five-minute face in action! Bold lip, moisturizing foundation, heavy mascara and browser as blush for a natural dewy glow.”