This Amazing Project Highlights The Most Stylish Black Men In Fashion

Women are regularly celebrated and commended for their style, but when it comes to men, they don’t always receive the same praise for their choice of fashion. Former first lady Michelle Obama even admitted that former President Barack Obama wore the same exact tuxedo over and over throughout their eight years in the White House, while we scrutinized every single outfit she wore.

Nonetheless, we do appreciate men who are stylish and love when they are recognized for it! Editor and writer Nigel Isaiah recently released a new project on The 25 Most Stylish Black Men in Fashion, which features various Black men who deserve applause for their fashion sense.

A few of the men who were featured on the list include celebrity stylist J. Bolin, Sabir M. Peele, founder of Men’s Style Pro and E! Entertainment Africa host Katleho Sinivasan.

Sinivasan also shared a bit of style wisdom that men and even women can abide by. “Style is relative and open to interpretation so it’s important to always focus on you. Your body type, your facial structure, your personality should determine what looks work for you and what’s trending.”

Check out the entire list of stylish men here.

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