Even though fashion enthusiasts are always looking out for new trends, whether through Fashion Week shows, street style looks from their favorite editors, or recommendations from their favorite influencers, accessories are overlooked next to apparel. But alas, handbags have risen to the forefront to shine over the last few seasons, hitting every extreme as far as trends go: from the super mini, to the extra grande; from the utmost minimalistic to a display of maximum detail. 

Perhaps the best part about handbag shopping is that, in an industry that so often feels exclusive to a certain body time, handbags are the one-size-fits-all option with endless opportunities. Even still, speaking of exclusivity, it’s no secret that the fashion industry as a business is just as selective, often withholding widespread recognition from Black designers and instead handing praise to European designers. Industry insiders are finally having long overdue conversations around Black creative  representation, visibility and uplifting in fashion — one of the many outcomes of the recent devastating losses of innocent Black lives at the hands of police brutality and white supremacist. 

As far as quality and trendy handbags go, Black designers and brand owners have hit the nail on the head. Brands such as BruceGlen offer bold, hardware-centric bucket bags while AAKS is the ultimate destination for all things rafia. Meanwhile staple names in Black fashion such as Off-White and Brother Vellies present their takes on the must-have accessory alongside their most known items (streetwear apparel and shoes, respectively). 

Ahead, here’s 20 Black-owned brands to shop handbags from this fall and always.

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