Tacharra Perry Is The Designer Behind  CHARWorkroom
Photo Credit: Markel Allen/@notmrkl

CHARworkroom’s designs are just moments away from taking over. From a successful debut show during NYFW in 2016—after which Jordyn Woods donned a piece fresh off the runway—to Flo Milli sporting the garb for a recent Spotify campaign, CHARworkroom (CHAR) inarguably possesses the keys to becoming an auspicious brand. Coupling her awe-inspiring eye for striking fabrics with a knack for original concepts, Tacharra Perry, the head architect behind the brand, is blazing a new trail in fashion.

If you had to piece together a defining look for summer 2021’s  “we outside” season, the Houston designer deserves a leading spot on the lineup. Perry is behind what’s quickly becoming the hottest shorts on the market— The “High-Cut Cheeky Short.” The rare design is surely one for the bold, but if the current buzz online is any indication, it’s the first item customers will be adding to their virtual carts.

Priced at $160, each stitch is worth every penny. “CHAR has pushed me out of my comfort so much these last few months,” Perry tells ESSENCE.  “And I appreciate every moment of it.”

Among Perry’s recent accomplishments, CHAR and its stand-out shorts served as the centerpiece of Facebook’s recent “I Am Beautiful” commercial. The campaign, which promotes Facebook Groups through body positivity and aired during the 2021 Grammy’s Awards, serves as just one notable moment for the must-have garment. As the collection continues to expand, the brand is reimagining the shorts in rose and gold, as well as a romper adaptation. Other key styles from the brand’s latest cycle include a tank dress accented with circular cutouts throughout, one that’s perfect for “one of those nights,” according to Perry.

Below, ESSENCE had a chance to chat with Perry about her personal style and working with the social media powerhouse, along with an exclusive sneak peak of CHAR’s next cycle. 

ESSENCE: The CHAR shorts are quickly becoming a must-have, how does it feel to be the designer of summer’s hottest new piece?

Tacharra Perry: Honestly, it’s surreal! People that know me know how reserved and lowkey I am simply for the fact that I’m really a shy girl. Receiving all of this notoriety for something I was really having fun with is unbelievable. CHAR has pushed me out of my comfort zone so much these last few months and I appreciate every moment of it.

ESSENCE: What was it like working on the Facebook commercial and seeing your shorts come to life?

Perry: A literal dream. From the moment they sent out the pitch I honestly thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe a company of that capacity wanted to work with me. At the time CHAR maybe had 2,500 followers [on Instagram]? So I’m like, “How did they find my little brand?”  It was so early on in the relaunch too so I was like “There’s no way.” Everything happened so fast and I had to learn to adjust to how fast paced and demanding the industry is. You have to stay ready. We were on calls all the time up until it was time to shoot. Being on set for two days sunup to sundown was also a crazy experience because I’d always wanted to see what set life was like. 

ESSENCE: Which colorway of the CHAR shorts are your favorite?

Perry: The silver shorts for sure. I call them the “Silver Classics” because that was the first color we put out and our top seller. They’re just extremely versatile.

ESSENCE: What is the Tacharra way to styling the “Silver Classics?”

Perry: Honestly, I can’t even keep a pair on hand! I haven’t really been able to wear them yet. I do have a few posts on my Instagram with the sample pair on. But honestly, once I snag a pair for myself I’m thinking of a cute graphic tee and a nice statement shoe for sure and maybe like a nice dainty bag since the shorts are the star of the show.

ESSENCE: You’ve been able to work with Flo Milli and were even featured on Beyoncé’s site last year — Is there anyone you’d love to add to your collaboration list?

Perry: Yess! I’d definitely want to work with more fashion bloggers. As far as celebrities, we’re manifesting CHAR on Beyoncé this year. Also, Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi and Dua Lipa, just to name a few. I’m honestly not picky, I just love how everyone is making the shorts their own.

ESSENCE: Can we get a sneak peak of what’s next for CHARWorkroom?

Perry: I’m still working! I have some more fun statement pieces coming soon and also some chill pieces for my “‘laxed” girls. Everyone’s going to LOVE what’s next to come from CHAR, but I’m definitely letting the shorts have its moment for now.


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