SZA Takes Control Of The Fashion Scene With Her Own Clothing Line
At this point in the fashion-music intersection, we’ve all either heard of or have been members of the ‘Gucci gang’or the ‘Fendi gang’… and the list of other stylish collectives goes on and on. But now we have the option to join another clique — a more environmentally conscious clothing crew — via Sza’s ‘Sustainability Gang.’ The Grammy-nominated songstress teased her new fashion collection on Instagram and the buzz has been non-stop ever since! Instead of rallying fans to be more fab, by inspiring them to wear party dresses or contemporary club wear, Sza is simply asking, “Who tryn save da ocean?” In her recent IG posts, the curly-haired fashionista shared the first visual of her CTRL Fishing Co. clothing line. Does this mean that she has given up on couture and high-fashion brands? No, not from the looks of her page. Sza can be seen wearing Fendi prints and also posing for Vogue photographs, so it’s safe to say that she’s still all about a good leather jacket and a sexy fit. Yet, we look forward to seeing the full roll out of her environmentally woke and eco-friendly collections.


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