Swarovski is kicking off February with some very exciting news. The lead glass company has officially announced its decision to collaborate and launch a brand new store with Amazon U.S. this month. Swarovski will commend their partnership by unveiling their Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The launch follows the success of its existing partnerships with Amazon globally, with brand stores already active in key European markets and Japan.  

The collaboration is a part of Swarovski’s approach ensuring that customers are always placed at the heart of its business and retail strategies. As for their physical stores, Swarovski plans to continue to keep them in place as they will play a fundamental role in the business as one of their priorities is to further grow its online presence and e-commerce efforts.

“I am delighted to announce Swarovski’s collaboration with Amazon Fashion – one of the world’s leading fashion destinations. This partnership is a very important moment for our brand and kicks off a special year for Swarovski, as we celebrate our 125th anniversary,” exclaimed Robert Buchbauer, CEO of Consumer Goods Business at Swarovski.

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Swarovski will offer Amazon consumers a wide range of diverse products as a testament to the brand’s craftsmanship, expertise, and cutting-edge techniques, as well as a seamless online experience. In turn, Amazon will help take Swarovski to the next level via an expanded digital footprint.