These Sustainable Handbags Support Eco-Friendly Fashion Without Sacrificing Style

We know what can come to mind when you hear the words “sustainable fashion.” For many, the visual…is boring. But at a closer glance, the fashion industry has shifted so drastically in recent years that sustainable fashion today is anything but.

Even more, it’s necessary. 

Not only do the vast majority of textiles end their life cycle in landfills year after year, but according to Business Insider, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the Earth’s carbon emissions, proving detrimental to our water supply by drying up and polluting rivers and dams.  It’s refreshing, then, to see so many designers prioritizing eco-friendly practices — be it employing the upcycling and recycling of fabrics, using organic fibers, opting for vegan alternatives, or re-purposing plastic into fibers. The plus? They’re doing it all without sacrificing style. 

Because accessories are so important to a well-rounded outfit, and specifically, handbags are essential to functionality, what better way to start your sustainable accessories collection than with a scroll through some of the best sustainable handbags on the market? Check them out, below!