Lizzo’s music will have you twerking in the mirror, as her song “Scuse Me” encourages, and embracing every curve of your body. She is an advocate for plus-size, curvy women, and encourages inclusivity and confidence for women of all shapes and sizes. She recently teamed up with Lane Bryant to celebrate its #ImNoAngel lingerie campaign, which promotes body positivity. ESSENCE caught up with Lizzo to discuss what keeps her feeling her best and her understanding of the  #ImNoAngel campaign. When we asked Lizzo what beauty products have her feeling her ultimate best, she quickly replied “Coconut oil,” The Minnesota-born beauty added, “I also do an oil pull and a swallow of coconut oil every day.” Coconut oil is Lizzo’s go-to for her face, hair, body, and to stick on her vanilla fragrance. However, like most of us, she is also Rihanna and Fenty Beauty obsessed. “I bought so many Fenty products because I love Rihanna,” she told ESSENCE. Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife keeps Lizzo feeling like “a professional make up artist.”
Along with these beauty products, Lizzo shared: “I feel the most sexy in bra and panties. when I’m just wearing bra and panties, I wake up in the morning everyday and I twerk to nothing.” Gotta love that. And speaking of love, Lizzo explained that she adores wearing matching sets. Her favorite? Anything with a Lane Bryant thong, which she says makes her butt look great. In addition, Lizzo told ESSENCE that her best fashion investment is “a long lined bra,” to create her awesome pear-shaped silhouette. When it comes to Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel lingerie campaign Lizzo state that the initiative “is a shift in the paradigm of the beauty world. There has been this impossible standard of beauty that all women have been held to, and #ImNoAngel is the antithesis to that. It is very powerful and evens the playing field for women with curves, the quote on quote average women that never gets represented, and women of color.”