Throughout their careers, celebrities get to wear some the coolest gear. From personal pieces to expensive designs, once you reach a certain status the reach is endless. But over the years, everything can definitely pile up which is why some of your favs resort to giveaways or popular resale sites like Depop and Poshmark. “There is a bunch of great stuff,” Wiz Khalifa tells ESSENCE. The rapper created his own personal archived site, The Wiz Vault,’ which allows you to shop from his personal closet.

“In a time where most of my music is digital you have to give the fans something to feel and wear and represent,” Wiz said. The Wiz Vault is compiled of Wiz’s worn pieces like a $500 Gucci Belt or Dolce & Gabbana Scarf as well as a lengthy collection of sneakers. The site also has a “Clothes Off My Back” tab where you can purchase pieces that cater to Wiz’s aesthetic like bandanas, long-sleeve collard shirts, and fitted caps.

“You have to give the fans something to feel and wear and represent.” – Wiz Khalifa

As far as what Wiz’s favorite pieces are, of course, it’s a pair of converse which is a shoe the rapper is popularly known for wearing. “Those are always classic,” he exclaims. These have always been important to me because they are reminders of good memories. Which is exactly why I wanted to share with the fans,” the rapper concluded.

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