Scandal’s Series Finale Marks The End Of Olivia Pope’s Amazing Style

Olivia Pope is arguably the most stylish character on television. From when Scandal first aired back in 2012 with Kerry Washington playing the lead role of Olivia Pope, we’ve been captivated by Ms. Pope, her successful career as a D.C. fixer juxtaposed against her more-than-complicated love and personal life, and most noticeably, her impeccable style.

Pope became known for elevating the typical 9-5 wardrobe and we looked forward to seeing what she would wear in each episode. Pope absolutely slayed on the small screen and became known for her immaculate style which included everything from statement coats to impeccably tailored power suiting to coveted accessories (her Prada handbag collection alone was enough to make any woman swoon!), and we simply couldn’t get enough.

After seven seasons, Scandal came to an end Thursday night and while we’re definitely going to miss Olivia Pope & Associates (and every other character on the show), we’ll probably miss Pope’s wardrobe probably just as much. Fashionista recently caught up with Scandal’s costume designer  —and the woman behind the Pope’s fashion magic— Lyn Paolo to talk about dressing Pope, her favorite looks and more. She also revealed that she’s working with Washington on a new pilot, Man of the House, which the actress is actually producing!

Read below for some of the highlights of what Paolo shared:

The coat that started it all:
“The Tory Burch white trench from the pilot started it all. We still have the trench and it is sadly a bit worse for wear, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Tory and her line because this coat started it all for ‘Scandal.'”

The significance of the white hat:
“I love ‘The White Hat’ — mostly because it was from David [Rosen, played by Josh Molina], but also because it embodies the Olivia who is on the right path. I also love that it was made here in Los Angeles by Louise Green, a milliner who does amazing work.”

On the legacy of Scandal after its final episode:
“I would want women to look at Olivia and, in fact, all of the cast, as inspirations. I hope the show has shown women how to be themselves in the workplace and how we can all find our own strut with fashion as our inspiration.”

To read the Paolo’s entire interview, click here.

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