Fashion month is coming to an end as Paris Fashion Week concludes this week. The four major cities; New York, London, Paris, and Milan, are considered the “big four” as a majority of fashion houses showcase their designs at one of these locations.

If you’re lucky, your invites are global and the entirety of fashion month is spent hopping from show to show and city to city. And around the fashion week madness, there’s a fashion girl that is birthed at these sort of happenings. Think Cardi B circa 2015 when she and her stylist, Kollin Carter graced what seemed to be every fashion show. And Bay-Area rapper Saweetie has proved this fashion month that she is a global muse. From sitting front row at shows like Prada, Christopher John Rogers, and Romeo Hunte to posing for the flicks with personalities who are at the helm of the most prominent fashion house, Saweetie is the queen of fashion month.

With a few more days of PFW happening, we are sure there is still more serve left in the self-proclaimed ‘Icy Girl.’ Check out our favorite looks from Saweetie’s fashion month slay.