Saweetie And Calvin Klein Team Up For An Icy Extravaganza
Calvin Klein

With the holiday season approaching fast, Saweetie is celebrating the “Icy Season” with a special that officially debuted on Amazon Live on November 9th. The cheery performance, that will continue to live on the Amazon website, was hosted by RuPaul’s Symone, in celebration of Calvin Klein’s newest collaboration with the star rapper. The livestream allowed for viewers to directly shop from the collection — which ranges from the form-fitting white Calvin Klein classic two-piece look to a sophisticated and sleek cross-over Black ensemble. Saweetie sashayed her across on the snowy stage and viewers loved every minute of it.. 

“It’s always Icy Season,” Saweetie tells ESSENCE. “But this special means a lot to me. It’s my favorite time of year and I feel so blessed to do something special for my fans. Icy Season: A Saweetie Special, is my biggest solo show to date and my personal gift to everyone. And you know I was rocking my favorite Calvin’s. I’m performing my latest single “Icy Chain” and have new choreo so be sure to check it out.”

The Los Angeles studio transformed into a winter wonderland was full of Saweetie’s friends who made guest appearances during her live Q&A. Alongside Symone and the Icy girl was social media’s favorite, Rickey Thompson who kiki’d with the girls during Saweetie’s livestream where fans had a chance to ask her pretty much anything. Following the lighthearted digital interrogation, Saweetie performed 5 singles in total. “This show is definitely my way of giving to my fans and making sure we all stay Icy and connected all season long,” she shares.

The visuals for “Icy Chain” featured Saweetie dazzling in all white Calvin Klein and denim as rollerbladers rolled around an Icy globe where she debuted the new catchy anthem. The Northern Californian artist’s addictive rap hooks are all about repetition and her 8-count into a holiday rendition of her viral hit “Tap In” was nothing less than. She even sat on a cushioned white seat and placed her shiny nails on piano keys to score “Back to The Streets” while Black tap dancers followed suit. Her icy girls were nearby providing aerial stunts with rhinestone-studded canes while Saweetie rapped on stage in her CK attire. The Grammy Award-winning hip hop band, 1500 or Nothin’ assisted on the instrumental solos during Saweetie’s special.

“Best Friend” was set in a Icy Claws nail and hair salon where Saweetie rocked a blue denim CK combo with a girl group of 8 dancers. Her extended nails were layered with Icy chains and embellishments that made it hard to keep your eyes off of them. During her fan Q&A, Saweetie was asked about when she was going to go on tour and her exciting response: “next year.”


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