Rihanna is What We've All Been Waiting For At The 2017 Met Gala

Fashion's ultimate darling has finally arrived.

Dominique Hobdy May, 02, 2017

So it looks like we can all pack up, go home and call the 2017 Met Gala a total and utter success. Why? Becasue Rihanna has just entered the building — and shut it down.

Word to the wise: Never dare question her style icon status.

Bad Gal RiRi went full throttle with the avant-garde theme of the night in a killer fall 2016 Comme de Garcons gown and red lace-up sandals that made her look like a walking bouquet of flowers.

She clearly knows she’s nailed this moment as she walks into the venue with a strut that’s the equivalent of a mic drop.

Not only did she nail the ensemble, but her high ponytail and face-framing bangs completed the look. 

John Shearer

Jamie McCarthy

Yet again, we’re in awe of Rihanna’s dedication and effortless execution when it comes to style.