As a self-proclaimed fashion connoisseur, clothes are an extremely important part of my life. What I wear and how I put those pieces together are a huge part of my identity and how I express myself.

Although I’d used Rent The Runway for special occasions and loved it, I’d never have considered making it a part of my everyday life. If I’m being honest I have issues with borrowing or lending clothes to my closest friends, so sharing clothes with women all over America seemed ambitious.

After a month of dipping my toe in the rushing current that is clothing rentals, I’ve come back a believer.

From ESSENCE Festival to the office to Sunday brunch with my favorite people, my Rent The Runway looks did the job and then some. And when I think about it now, it’s a no-brainer.

Who am I to deny a constantly rotating treasure cove of stylish clothes that I’d otherwise have no access to?

Why would I deny myself the pleasure of getting a package (always a great feeling), trying on new clothes, twirling in them and then giving them back?!

I’m not sure why there was ever hesitation but my experience with my Unlimited membership was enough to convince me to add RTR to my monthly budget. My clothes came on time, I had countless options, (although I’d recommend ordering pieces ahead of time for events because nothing hurts more than that “unavailable” notice) and returns were super easy.

Curious about the process? Here’s how it works. First things first, head to and sign up here. For $159 a month you can select up to 4 styles for each shipment with the option of adding on even more items for just $39 each.

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Take however much time you need to kill ’em softly with your hot girl looks and then swap them for something new! If you can’t stand to part with that killer dress that closed the deal (whatever the deal happened to be) just buy it at the discounted price. You’ll never have to pick up a dry cleaning bill and shipping is free, sis!

If life happens and your money starts looking funny, you can pause your membership for up to three months or cancel anytime.

Honestly, if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank, this is the move for you.

Intrigued? Check out my favorite looks below and sign up today using my code RTRDOMINIQUE for $100 off your 60-day trial!