You Can Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Rent The Runway’s New Subscription Service
PeopleImages/Getty Images

If you’re a fan of designer clothing but don’t always want to splurge on an expensive piece or you hate the idea of repeating an outfit, Rent the Runway is offering a new subscription service with you in mind. On Monday, Rent the Runway announced their new service, RTR Update, which will allow you to choose four fashion pieces from over 200 fashion brands for just $89 per month. Each month, you will be able to rent four new items.

The new service is aimed to help women save money on buying new clothes and also streamline their current wardrobes. In an interview with The Washington Post, Rent the Runway’s co-founder Jennifer Hyman said, “There is so much waste when it comes to the closet — most women doesn’t use 80 or 85 percent of what they have. What we offer is newness and variety.”

Last year, Rent the Runway launched RTR Unlimited which also allows you to rent four pieces at a time but you can exchange and choose new items as often as you like and you are able to choose from over 500 brands including top designers. This service, which was previously offered for $139 per month, is now $159.

Rent the Runway, which launched in 2009, has become a popular destination for renting dresses for special occasions like a wedding. It looks like the go-to site will now help you upgrade your wardrobe for any occasion, anytime!


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